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Thursday, September 18, 2014

2014 Printed Turndown Collar Blouse Hot Sale

Now there is a phenomenon generally, I don't know if you have noticed that older women increasingly dressed in red and green,and they are afraid they can't catch youth;The younger girl dresses down instead, full of a youth never lost of heroism.Although the color is darker, POLO collar design reveals the right youth breath.

New generation of people, naturally they are advocating my youth I make decision.But most of the time, we still are the children in the eyes of family, and the lovely baby of the old man's eyes.So to speak, the pure shirt to some extent represents the pure state of mind when I was a student, a wardrobe with a such a shirt, is a memory of youth and the dreams of the future.Now ZDRESS will recommend a unique shirt.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Floral Print Round Dress & Pink Stiletto Heel with Rivet On ZDRESS

This summer,floral flower is still one of the favorite elements for many fashionistas. Not only because its unique design and color is very novel, and attracts the eyeball, but because the floral flower is the best item to build sweet girl.Do you want to be a sweet girl?Then let ZDRESS take you to look at the collocation of floral!

Fashionable elements, like a rebirth,Every popular element goes through the historical baptism, you will form a new trend of the society with combining artistic elements at that time.Printed dress is such a return.The biggest bright spot of printed dress is the strong color.So, when you matched with it, the upper body of the item should try to focus on the pure color.

Look at the collocation above, is it a crush?Abstract printing with fashionable element,builds the innocence and spell able girl, so the mix is very good generally.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Polyester Burgundy Hollow Out Dress With Lace

The sex of girls can be embodied in many aspects, but for the theory, of course, you can choose the dress lace.It creates a hazy feeling, so it has the different gaudy from a lot of meat, and sends out a elegant and intriguing visual charm.If you intend to dressed up to be a nobility feminine,you can decisively obtain it.

Women are always changed, and your dress and personality also changed,but something is always the same, such as your kind and gentle, you always like interacting with lace, even if it is light chiffon, and you also want to use lace decoration, which shows your pure sweet, from inside to outside sending out the charming brilliance.

which one do you like , green or white or red ?More at ZDRESS

Monday, August 25, 2014

2014 Stylish Fashionable T-shirts Up To 50% Off On ZDRESS

T-shirt, is the ageless topic forever,and it is the joker necessary item in female almirah.It's believed that T-shirts are some item everyone's wardrobe will have, It's very comfortable, and joker, but for such a classic style, how to wear a personality?ZDRESS recommends a few Probabilistic collocations of t-shirts,and it is not only easy to match ,and still have a lot of star quality.let ZDRESS take you to get a glimpse of the unique style of t-shirts.

Nearly a few season the neutral style is very popular with many fashion people, so in summer,the neutral dress collocation, is absolutely recommended to everyone.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Stripes Chiffon Scoop T-Shirt & Chunky Heel Sandals

Unless you have no interest to improve their own charm image, otherwise, this summer, it's hard to find a reasonable reason to refuse jumpsuits.The handsome and agile trousers carries out the whole body, that is what the subtlety of jumpsuits is.A modelling improves the aura, and the integrity and beautiful degree is very good, jumpsuits = conjoined cool!

The vertical stripes jumpsuit, is one of the most popular style this year.Many girls think that such a jumpsuits is European and American retro wind,putting on it, the body will appear particularly tall,but also can stretch your legs,this makes specially temperament.Seeing this,will you hesitate?

Let's go into Zdress

Monday, August 11, 2014

Pure White T-Shirt&Elegant Loose fit Pants on Zdress

T-shirt, is the ageless topic forever, and it is the joker necessary item in female almirah.T-shirts can combine with skirts, pants, jeans, and it is very suitable for spring,summer and autumn.Close skin comfortable fabrics, fashion or elegant every-changing styles, let you casually collocate out their own style according to the weather, the mood, tide, but don't be too eager, let Zdress take you to get a glimpse of the unique style of t-shirts.

T-shirt is undoubtedly very popular style, almost everyone has such a white dress, although the design is relatively simple, but also colorful.With the deep green skirt collocation,the t-shirt looks like very elegant.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Newly Straight Jumpsuit with Stripe Design&Stiletto Heels with Metal Flower

Brief jumpsuit is planned by designers for the summer, and it's agile in the cool and.The moment simple elegant tonal, hand in hand with the jumpsuits will maximize fashion sense, it's not heavy and complicated but it also has wealthy changes.Simple and elegant stripes always give a person a kind of fashion and temperament feeling, so there are often a lot of very graceful girls who will choose this kind of color.Although it is not very bright, it also is not very dark, so no one is willing to be dark dumb, when the flowers bloom, even you do not outshine with all men, at least to highlight the individuality and features a bit or have a peculiar flavor of their own.Conducive to aura boost but not grandstanding jumpsuit, is the necessity of the street, and easy to control and can emphasize individuality.Today, Zdress recommends you the jumpsuit,go for it!